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Giving new hope to ​animals & their ​owners.

Neurofeedback can help ​animals with stress and ​behavioural problems. It is ​a simple & short process ​that is easily tolerated by ​cats, dogs and even ​horses.

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Brain Balancing


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Brain Balancing


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Br​ain Training​ Animals

"The ​Art of Neu​rofeedback

for Pets"

Our pets' lives revolve ​around us. Let's give ​back to them as ​much as they give us.

Penny Hyndman,


Training Animals For 15+ years

Training Humans for 20+ years

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Featured Clients


Carlin loves to receive brain ​training with her human. She is ​calmer and more relaxed and ​interacts with other dogs with ease.


Otis the pug has been receiving ​neurofeedback brain training ​since he was a puppy. He is a calm ​th​erapy dog.


Finley the Boston Terrier had​ separation anxiety and didn't like​ car rides. He is calmer and more​ relaxed with brain training.​


Willi was the first dog that

UR Wellness trained over 15 years ​ago. His car anxieties stopped & he ​stopped biting people's heels.


Peter loves to train with his ​human. He is calmer during car ​rides, and he stopped his litter

box​ r​ejection


Mr. Grizzly was always well ​behaved! However, when he ​trains with his human, he gets ​very relaxed & they both l​ove it.

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